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Criminal Background Checks are usually meant to find high qualified employee candidates. Some companies will surely check every employee’s background to make sure that they only hire the best and potential people. Otherwise, if you have a bad criminal record, you may be not accepted to work at some companies. Knowing that you have had a bad criminal record and you are planning to not repeat the same mistake, you should know some proper ways to be accepted as a successful candidate. Therefore, there are some ways for you dealing with bad criminal records.
The first way is doing as many good deeds as possible. People will easily believe that you are clean if you can show your positive contribution to the society. Instead of talking only and ensuring people that you will change to be a better person, you should be doing actions right away. It can be started from small things. For example, you can be a volunteer in a community service. You should dedicate yourself to be a useful person for others. In addition, you should develop good communication with people around you. If there are still people thinking that you are a bad person, do not take it for granted. You just need to show your good sides and be sincere towards what you are doing.
The second way is being an independent person. Some companies will utilize http://www.sentrylink.com/ to check your criminal records and your background. By that, your bad criminal records will be unveiled right away. If you want to work at a company, you should at least be in the interview process. You can ensure the interviewer that you are an independent person by showing how you make a living from your work or how you help other people to find a new job. However, pursuing a career to be a successful employee is widely open for you having a bad criminal record.

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Choose the Right Offshore Programmer for Developing Applications for Android

At one point of time, most technology experts believed that Apple smartphones and tablets would rule the mobile devices market for a long time to come. Today, smartphones and tablets running Android OS sell almost as much as Apple devices. The launch and success of Android OS changed the perception of industry experts, while the popularity of Android-based mobile devices made app development on Android OS a lucrative option for businesses around the world. By developing Android mobile apps for smart devices, businesses can make money, promote their brand, and advertise products & services.

People outsource because outsourcing works

Most entrepreneurs and companies prefer to outsource their mobile app development projects. Apart from the obvious cost advantage (offshore app development helps reduce cost of development by 40-60%), there are many other benefits of outsourcing. Not only do you get access to a large pool of skilled developers, but you also get flexible payments options, and you are freed from the need of maintaining a large IT team and IT infrastructure. In some cases, the time-zone difference also works in your favor - your work gets done while you are sleeping.

Freelancers sites are an attractive but risky proposition

Countries like India, China, Indonesia and Philippines have the reputation of being the best places for outsourcing. There are several web portals that connect you with freelance Android programmers in offshore locations.

You can visit any freelancer site and post the details regarding your project. Eligible (and ineligible) developers will respond to your offer. You must analyze their ratings and read reviews written by their previous employers to assess their suitability for your project. A freelancer with impeccable references will work for low rates and provide superior quality work.

However, it is not easy to find an expert freelancer for Android app development. As there is no transparency in the development process when you outsource to a freelancer, your project may actually be developed by a newbie who is watching an Android development tutorial while working on your app! Even if the freelancer develops a decent app, he may not design it well. If your app development project is critical to the success of your business plans, it may be a smart idea to approach an offshore Android apps development company instead.

Reputed IT firms are a safe bet

There are more than 50,000 IT companies in India. China, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries also have thousands of software development firms. More than half of all these firms will be happy to take your money and develop an Android app for you. But you need to find a company that excels at Android development. The company you choose must have Android app developers who know the ins and out of Android development.

Choosing a reputed offshore Android apps development firm will safeguard your project. You must check out the portfolio of the company and talk to its prior customers. If the company has done good work in the past, it will do good work for you too. Also, sign a clear legal contract with the company detailing all the work that they need to do for you. This will ensure that you do not get saddled with substandard Android apps.

Final step: Interview and assess the developer

Once you choose the company or freelancer that you want to hire for your project, ask him technical questions. In case you do not understand technical matters, get a technical person to interview the developer. The best of IT companies will allow you to interview several potential candidates. Choose the one who excels at Google Android development for customized apps.

Benefits of Seeking a Business Real Estate Agents Help

If you are thinking about investing in commercial property or selling your current business, it's an excellent idea to use the assistance of a professional business real estate agent. Your future income depends on finding the right commercial space, viable business or buyers for your business. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable realtors across New Zealand to assist you whether you are looking for a business real estate agent in Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland or Wellington.
There are many reasons why it's a good idea to employ someone who is knowledgeable in commercial properties. We have listed a few of these reasons for you below.
- Excellent Networks. Commercial realtors often work closely with a wide range of people and keep an ear out all the time for the right sort of opportunities for their buyers. If you are looking to invest in a commercial property, a good business estate agent will have a collection of vendors with whom they can negotiate. Sometimes they'll hear of a new place or opportunity and give you a call before listing a property or offer.
- Undivided Attention. Realtors want repeat business and positive feedback, so they have a vested interest in achieving your end commercial property goals. They take your needs very seriously and are always looking out for the right investment/buyer for you.
- Experience. Like any job that needs to be done, having someone with experience on your side helps a great deal. Whether you are looking for an office space, a retail investment or a residential investment the assistance and advice provided from a business real estate agent is invaluable. They can help you find what you want in terms of the current market, and give you realistic feedback on whether your expectations are in line with current market trends. A business estate agent can also explain all the legal documents to you in plain English.
- Time Savings. Instead of trawling through commercial sales listings in the local paper, online or listed in one of the property press magazines yourself, your realtor will take detailed notes from you about what exactly you are looking for, what budget you are working with and your future plans for the property investment, and search for you. As they find suitable property investments, they will arrange a time with the vendor(s) and take you through them.
Using a business real estate agent in New Zealand is the best way to achieve your commercial property goals.

Min Sarginson Real Estate Limited is an innovative and independently owned market leader in New Zealand's Real Estate industry. Based in Lyttelton Harbour close to Christchurch we specialise in sea and beachfront real estate for sale, and rental properties.
Established in 1998, Min Sarginson has become the most successful real estate company operating in Christchurch Harbour Basin. We have offices in Church Bay and Lyttelton supporting a team of experienced professionals who are all themselves residents in the suburbs we market and knowledgeable of the location.

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How to Hire Corporate Entertainment

For many people, hiring entertainment for a corporate event can be an overwhelming task. The entertainment you select has to be professional and suited for all audiences. On the other hand, it is easy to get stuck in the corporate rut of doing "the same old thing" year after year.

How important is keeping your existing clients and employees for your organization? Showing appreciation to clients and your staff can boost morale, strengthen business relationships and help your company grow. Having the right entertainment at your event will accomplish that!

So how do you break from the ordinary and book entertainment that is new and engaging for your group? Below are some suggestions to make the hiring process easier for you.

1. Plan Your Event

Plan how would like the evening to go. If you know the exact type of entertainment you are having, then plan the event around that entertainment. Otherwise, plan out time for the different events and make a time-table. If you haven't decided on the entertainment then be sure to leave some room in your time-table for adjustments. The setup of the room can vary depending on the performer you desire, and the itinerary can change as well.

2. Know Your Budget

Know how much you can spend on entertainment before approaching entertainers to find out about their acts. What you can spend on an entertainer will often dictate the level of entertainment you get. Every event has a budget and you need to stay within it and meet your needs. However, hiring an entertainer based solely on them being the lowest priced can lead to disaster. Put things in a better perspective, you may wish to determine your "per-person" cost budgeted for entertainment or activities. The finest food and beverages will soon be a fading memory to your guests, but high quality entertainment creates an emotional impact and lasting impression. How much fun they had at your event is what creates lasting memories.

3. Be Prepared to Discuss Your Event and Your Budget

Any professional entertainer is going to be asking you questions about your event, such as what type of event you are having, how many guests you expect, if there is a theme to the event, a general timeline of the event, etc. By doing this, they are determining if their act is a good match for your group and function. They may even be able to present ideas to enhance your event that you hadn't thought of yet! Ask the entertainer if they offer any special packages. Your entertainer may have a package that will make your event extra special. By discussing your budget with them, you are also finding out if they are within your price range. If so you can move on with the process; if not, you are saving everyone time and should call the next entertainer on your list.

4. Request References and Promotional Material

If after your initial contact with the entertainer you feel comfortable with them and you both agree that there is a possibility that they will be a good match for your group, ask them for references and promotional materials. You will find that most entertainers have websites that will contain most of the promotional materials, if not all of it. If an entertainer cannot provide you with references then DO NOT engage this performer.

5. Call References and Review the Promotional Material

After calling references and reviewing the promotional material, you may have more questions for the entertainer. Give them a call and get your concerns addressed and all questions answered.

Make sure that your entertainer is a corporate entertainment specialist that knows the needs and expectations of the corporate environment. A comedian that regularly performs "R" rated shows in comedy clubs or a magician that typically works at child birthday parties would probably not make a suitable choices for a typical corporate conference!

6. Ask About a Guarantee

Want some real peace of mind when trying to plan your corporate event? If an entertainer presents a quality presentation and has enough experience, they should be willing to guarantee their services. As them what they guarantee!

7. Request a Contract

The entertainer should provide you with a contract outlining your agreement along with the date, location of your event as well as any other arrangements agreed upon. Unless you are booking a celebrity performer, the agreement will probably be no more than a couple of pages in length.

The contract should clearly state what you will be required to provide for the event, such as a sound system or lighting requirements, and what the entertainer will be providing. In some cases some of this information will come in the form of a Technical Rider which is sent with the contract. The agreement should also cover deposits (typically 50% of the total fee) travel fees, per diem charges, meals and transportation. All of this should have been discussed in the initial phone call, and there should not be any surprises for you on the agreement. Most entertainers will require the contract signed and returned with the deposit within a certain timeframe of sending it.

8. Communicate

Your entertainer is there to enhance your event. Keeping him or her informed of any changes in your event helps them to bring you the show you would like, especially if they are doing any customized material for you. If they are doing a customized performance for you event it is essential to get the needed information to them as early as possible.

A professional entertainer will also want to make sure they are there early to setup and do sound checks before the scheduled show time.

9. Promote the Event

Get people excited about the event by promoting the great entertainment you have booked for them! Your entertainer should be able to make this easy for you by providing you with articles, press releases, or photos that you can use in your event literature to build anticipation. Some entertainers are willing to provide "teaser" performances in order to get people excited to come to your event!

10. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Show!

By using these simple steps, you should feel confident that the entertainer you have chosen is a professional. You've worked hard up until this point, so sit back and enjoy what you've put together!

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Wellness Hotels And Resorts - Adding A New Dimension To Life Style!

Hospitality is an ever evolving industry. It caters to needs and desires of its users. As these desires keep changing with the ever evolving life style, the hospitality product offer makes micro adjustments to address these fresh demands. They say wealth gives birth to desire, how true it is. As people get more spendable income, we see new demand generation in almost all areas of our daily life.

We saw the introduction of health concept in city hotels in early seventies when the luxury hotels embraced something called a health club. Those days it consisted of only a gym, steam and sauna rooms. Good health clubs also had a few body massage rooms. The demand for a beauty parlor followed soon. No one wanted to step out of the health club without a proper facial or hair do. This made the beginning of a new era for hospitality industry - the wellness age. Those who recognized it as an opportunity exploited it to remain competitive.

Today, after four decades, things are different. The concept of health club has undergone a drastic change. It is now one of the key revenue generators for luxury hotels. Things are very specialized. No more just a gym and massages, now they offer a whole range of products, treatments and therapies and services for holistic wellness. There are specialists offering counseling on diet, nutrition, weight loss, slimming, fitness, beauty, body care and general well-being. The underlying philosophy being to help the guests remain healthier.

The demand for wellness travel has given the hospitality industry a new niche, the wellness hotels or a resort. A well planned wellness resort in an attractive resort location offers all the luxuries of a resort hotel. In addition, it offers a well equipped Wellness product. The facilities in these resorts vary but generally include a range of restaurants or food outlets, bars and clubs, business facilities, meetings and conferencing, entertainment and indoor and outdoor sports. The main emphasis in these resorts is the wellness center.

A luxury wellness center will include a well equipped and fitted gym with personal counselors and trainers, a range of body baths, steam, sauna, solar therapy and so on. Wellness hotels located in an area with natural springs even offer natural spring water soaks, dips or baths, a number of swimming pools, different types of body and massage therapies, yoga, aroma and color therapy, skin treatment therapies, beauty treatments and the list is ever-increasing. Needless to say that the hotel employs specialists in all areas to counsel and physically render various therapies to the guests and residents.

Some wellness resorts, with enough landscape offer their own gated jogging tracks within the resort. Wellness resorts offer enough outdoor activity to its residents. They have tennis courts and badminton courts on the premises. Alternatively they have arrangements with a local club for use of facilities by its residents.

The resort management does everything to ensure that the resident spends minimum time in the room by offering a range of wellness, leisure and entertainment activities and facilities in the resort. The food menu in the restaurants offers a wellness food section offering a range of organic and nutritional selections. One can find a choice of diet and health dishes even on the buffet spreads. A special feature in some wellness food menus is that they also mention the nutritional values of the dish, including the calories. There is enough evening activity in a wellness resort to keep the residents occupied before retiring to bed.

A wellness hotel or resort could be anywhere or in any location. However those located in well-known vacation spots or resort location are more successful than the city center ones. The wellness hotels located in resort locations like a hill resort, ski resort or a beach resort offer the opportunity to combine vacation with wellness. Of late, it is observed that big corporations also patronize wellness resorts as their meetings and conference venues, combining business with wellness.

Branding of a wellness hotel or resort plays an important role in its success and within the hotel, the branding of the wellness product is absolutely crucial. It must be ensured that the brand has strong market presence and backing of an even stronger brand ambassador. In recent years the industry has witnessed launch of a number of highly successful brands, some belonging to large hotel chains and some to stand-alone hotels.

The most important aspect of a wellness hotel or resort is its initial conceptualization and planning. This is the most complex exercise. One can not simply have a hotel and add to it a state of the art health club. Wellness hotels need an in-depth study and research on needs and demands of its potential guests, the competition with in the area and how to ensure that the resort remains competitive for at least the next four to five years. While Big hotel chain have their own in-house wellness facility planners, the independent investor will be well advised to retain a professional consultant to create a unique and competitive product. It pays back in the long run.

A good wellness resort with attractive activities give room for one complaint - why the sun rises so late and the night comes so soon? One is so busy the whole day that the day never seemed to have come in the first instance. Wellness resorts, on one hand define your life style, and, on the other they offer a perfect opportunity to fuse your holidays with your well-being. Live healthy for you only live once!

You are free to publish this article without any change in the content electronically, in print, in your e-book, or on your web site, free of charge, as long as the author resource details are included.

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Hot Hotels and Resorts in Philippines

1. Sunrise Holiday Mansion in Tagaytay

The Hotel provides and offers a five star quality service to all clientele encompassing diversity needs conforming to meet the demands of every individual and corporate account. Spreading out a feast of array of Banquet and rooms accommodation, that supplement the wants and needs from live-in, live-out seminar package, convention, meeting, and other social functions like wedding, baptismal, graduation ball, debut, dinner dance and cocktail parties.

Things you shouldn't miss there - Taal Volcano

Picturesque and invigorating-these are the words that best describe Tagaytay City. Seated on a ridge, 2300ft above sea level, the city overlooks Taal volcano,world's smallest active volcano. Resort is just 5mins ride away from the nearest ridge. Taal is phenomenon, the volcano rises out of the lake of its original crater, it is a "lake within a lake and a volcano within a volcano". Tagaytay's cool climate accounts for the profusion of flora and fauna, thereby earning it the Moniker "Garden city of the Philippines."

2. Laguna de Boracay Resort in Malay, Aklan

At Laguna De Boracay, you will be in your own private back-to nature village where everything is tranquil, sweet and slow. This bow-tie shaped island, rimmed by towering coconut trees and fine white-sand beaches, offers a restful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday world. Bask in the wonderful warmth of the tropics or relax in the temperate climate of the island.

You shouldn't miss the following there.

The adventurous can go island hopping, visit a bat cave, trek round the island, try horseback riding, gather puka shells, fish, dive or snorkel. The famous powdery-sand White Beach lies along the western part, opp. this resort.

3. LEISURE VACATION SUITES - Benguet, Metro Baguio

Lexber Vacation Suites located inside a townhouse village is nestled amidst the picturesque Cordillera Mountain Range and a glimpse of the South China Sea. One of the finest beaches in Northern Luzon is 50km while the world class golf course - Camp John Hay Golf Course is 10km away.

Exciting place to visit - Spanish Village and Banaue Rise Terrace

Visit the only Spanish Village in Asia which is 2.5hrs drive in Vigan, Ilocos or enjoy a 45 mins helicopter ride to see the bird's eye view of the famous Banaue Rice Terrace.

4. Puerto del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel - Pangasinan

The resort is located in Bolinao, the picturesque Eden North of Manila dubbed as Pangasinan's Gateway to the world.

Interesting culture and crystal clear water is something tourist should experience. You can experience the rustic appeal of a beautiful town rich in culture and steep in history. The crystal clear waters of the South China Sea is lined with golden- white sands that sparkle under the tropic sun. A rich archaeological site, sport fishing capital of the Northwestern Luzon, rich culture and history reflected by its town,century-old churches,lighthouse and thriving seaport. It is a beautiful and exclusive resort nestled in
the heart of this town.

5. Casa Del Mar Golf Resort - Cebu

Casa Del Mar Golf has a small private pristine white sand beach with crystal clear waters. It is located in San Remigio, 2.5hrs north of Cebu City.

You can enjoy many activities there. Beach, snorkeling, golf and many others. Enjoy snorkeling & kayaking or a few rounds of golf at Verdemar Course within the resort. The 18-holes links course is located on the undulating terrain of the seaside of San Remigio. Tropical trees & Spanish cactuses punctuate the natural landscape of Verdemar. The course starts & finishes by the beach.

6. VCI Holidays at Batangas - Batangas

The province of Batangas is located in the southern Tagalog region. It is best known as the birthplace & home of the sages and the country's notable nationalists.

This region boasts of picturesque scenery, numerous fine beaches as well as diverse dive sites. It is also a major coffee producer. Heritage & pilgrimage tour to centuries-old churches & communities in Taal, Lipa, Malvar, Tanuan etc. You may shop for native products such as balisong, & pina cloth. For the active, try snorkel- ing & scuba-diving at Anilao Beach or Puerto Galera. Members/guests units are in the same location of Days Hotel.

7. VCI Holidays at Cebu - Cebu

The hotel is located on Mactan Island, Lapu -Lapu city, Cebu, Philippines. Heritage & pilgrimage tours to centuries-old churches & historical landmarks can be arranged.

Visit vibrant Cebu at night & Tops,the island's highest peak for the best view of the city. For the day, try island-hopping dolphin/whale watching, snorkeling, diving, swimming and nature exploration. Shopping and dining are also favourites for all who have visited Cebu. An international casino is nearby-directly opposite the Mactan International Airport. Members/guests units are in the same location of Days Hotel.

8. Panoly Town & Beach Club - Malay, Aklan

The Panoly teems with activities and facilities to keep guests busy and enjoy their getaway from the grind of urban life

The resort offers a complete range of sea- sports activities whether it's plain snorkeling or para-sailing, the right activity is there for you. There's always something new to pamper your senses with either at the VooDoo Bar, The Cafe Havana, the YUM YUM restaurant or the daily beach BBQ. All rooms are equipped with standard amenities to ensure guest have their home away from home and feel totally relaxed. The resort staff is continuosly providing the best of one's ability in service.

Creating Website For A Real Estate Investor

The days have long gone when people depended on yellow pages advertisements, or classifieds, for real estate investments. Today a real estate investor gets a maximum of his leads from websites and online resources. If you are in real estate investing business, you will be missing a whole lot of deals, as well as credibility of your clients, if you do not have a website that caters to the needs and demands of real estate investors. Creating a website for real estate investors is a low-cost, and a highly effective way to take your business ahead.

Benefits of having Your Own Website:

o Showcasing Your Properties - With your website functional, you can display your properties for sale. Prospective real estate investors should be able to view the properties, their descriptions, and other relevant information, online. Pictures of the properties in question will high light all their features.

o Building Your Own Investor Base - You can build your real estate investor base by getting all visitors to fill out a form. You can easily inform all your prospective real estate investors by sending them emails on newer properties on the market.

By creating your own professional real estate investor website you increase your credibility with sellers, buyers, and investors.

The Importance of Creating Your Own Website:

The way we communicate today has changed over the years, and you need a website to market your real estate investor business successfully. Your website gives your potential investors an avenue to learn about real estate investments you offer, in a non-invasive way.

Your website is available to potential real estate investors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You are always available through your website, globally, whenever a potential investor tries to get you online.

The only way to attract motivated real estate investors to your website is to create a professional one. Your website should be created in a way it is easy for novices to maneuver through. There are two major things to keep in mind when creating your website for real estate investors: it should be Professional and it should be Functional.

Envision what you want your real estate investor website to look like. Create a website that understands the needs and expectations of the real estate investors. Appoint a web developer who can help you visualize on paper what each and every page of your website will look like, such as the contents, navigation, images/pictures, links, etc.

Ensure that your web developer understands the importance of creating and building an interactive website - a website that is compatible with your vision. An interactive website is a user friendly website, which encourages your potential real estate investors to come back again and again.

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3 Children's Entertainers Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Booking children's entertainers for your child's birthday party can be like playing a game of Russian roulette, you often don't know what you are getting before it is too late. There is nothing sadder than a disappointed child on their birthday and sadly, if you have booked an incompetent entertainer, there is little you can do about it on the day.

The internet is full of people selling services as birthday entertainers and children's entertainers but how can you tell if they are any good at what they do? Sadly there is no regulation or governing body to complain to if you have a bad experience with a children's entertainer this means the onus is on you to do your homework before making a commitment to book.

Nightmare 1

So you surf the web and find an entertainer you feel will suit your needs, you speak to them on the phone and all seems to be in order so you make a booking. On the day you are horrified to find the entertainer who arrives at your party is not the entertainer you thought you booked.

Sadly this is not an uncommon situation; there are certain entertainers who double book or take on more work than they can handle, they then sub contract the birthday show to a colleague or friend leaving you with a stranger at your party who you know nothing about. The solution to this nightmare is to ask the entertainer directly if it is they who will be entertaining at the party, also get the booking confirmed in writing with a written contract and check the entertainers name on the contract matches the entertainer you are booking.

Nightmare 2

The entertainer simply does not show up or cancels the booking close to the event date.

Sadly there are some people that are in the children's entertainment business to make a quick buck and if an offer comes in that is better than the agreement with you, they will drop your booking and take the better paying gig. This leaves you without an entertainer or in a position where you need to arrange a children's entertainer at short notice.

The solution to this is to get a written contract in place at the time of booking, professional children's entertainers issue a written contract confirming what is on offer, this acts as protection for both you and the entertainer. With a written contract in hand you have recourse through the courts should the entertainer not supply what was promised.

Make sure your entertainer is reputable by asking for references and following up on those references. A professional children's entertainer should have testimonials on their website, take the time to read them before deciding to book with them.

Nightmare 3

The entertainer does not deliver the standard of entertainment you expected.

Being a professional children's entertainer is not easy, if the children don't like what they see they will not sit like polite adults and see it through, they will voice their displeasure by getting up and running around. Make sure your entertainer is experienced, ask how long they have been in business and again check for testimonials and ask the entertainer for past customers you can phone. Make sure there is a formal contract in place between you and the entertainer that fully outlines what the show entails and check the level of professionalism of the correspondence with the entertainer. Try calling the entertainers office and see if the telephone is answered professionally, if you leave a message check how long it takes for you to be contacted back. A true professional children's entertainer should run the business side of their business well and this is notable through all correspondence, telephone calls, emails, letters and the very important contract.

Live Corporate Entertainment Options For Meetings and Conventions

The warm climate and endless selection of tourist attractions makes Orlando, Florida an ideal location for conventions, conferences, and trade shows. In fact, Orlando hosts literally hundreds of national and international meetings every day of the year. As your attendees attention will often be drawn away from your convention to the theme parks and nightlife in Orlando, it is important to provide extra live entertainment and activity incentives at your event. Whether your event is at the Orange County Convention Center or Walt Disney World, this article will give you helpful tips for hiring live entertainment for your Orlando meeting.

The first step is to decide what convention activities you would like to have live entertainment at. Be creative in your scheduling, because adding a little unexpected fun throughout the convention will help keep your attendees energized and positive. Everyone expects a show after the gala dinner, but what about before a morning session to wake everyone up or during a break of one of a long afternoon meeting. Thinking outside the box with your entertainment will help make your convention a stand-out event.

Once you know where you want the entertainment, then you can begin focusing on what type of entertainment you want. Nowadays, corporate entertainment options are virtually limitless. You could choose to entertain your guests with costumed stilt walkers, magicians, comedians, hypnotists, fire eaters, bands, headline singers, fortune tellers, or acrobats. If your event has a theme then you might want to try to fit that theme. The theme of The Magic of Customer Service fits hand in hand with a magic show. A Mardi Gras event may benefit from fortune tellers, jugglers, and other street entertainers. If you are opening up a session with some entertainment, perhaps you want to consider a comedian or a comedy actor who could present a fake motivational speech to get everyone laughing. Don't be afraid to break away from tradition. If you always have a stand-up comedian at your dinner, try a comedy hypnotist or corporate game show to give your guests something fresh and new.

When you have narrowed down your selection to one or two types of acts, then you need to begin your search for specific entertainers. You can make your search easier by first deciding on the criteria for what you want in your entertainment. Do you want a national act or a local act? Does the act have to be squeaky clean or is a little PG-13 or R rated material appropriate for your group? Do you want a show that is interactive and involves members of the audience? How long of a show do you want? (Planning hint: Most after dinner shows run between 45-60 minutes, any longer and you risk your audience getting restless). Does the performer have to work with any special performance restrictions (is the show outside, is space limited, etc)? All of these items on your list should be used to screen potential entertainment choices.

You can start your search for entertainers online. There is no shortage of entertainers with websites. If you find a site of an entertainer that interests you, contact the entertainer to find out their fees, availability, and to see if they are able to meet your list of criteria. If they are not on the web site, be sure to ask for references or letters of recommendation from past clients. If the performer is a true corporate entertainer, they will have already performed for a client in the same industry as your company. Also, be sure to convey any special requests or potentially unique situations about your event with the booking manager before signing any contracts. Conversely, it is also important to ask what the entertainer is going to need you to supply for the performance. This will allow you to budget for any audio visual or staging rental needs, and avoid any unpleasant last minute surprises.

When you are searching online for an entertainer, beware of directory sites such as Gigmasters, who list thousands of entertainers who have paid to advertise on the site. Many of these websites will take your contact information and send them to dozens of their entertainers, and you will be barraged with emails and calls from entertainers you are not even interested in.

The Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resorts both have live entertainment departments that organize entertainment for the theme parks as well as for conventions held on resort property. If you are holding your event at a hotel or venue on one of these theme park properties, you can ask your site contact about entertainment options available.The positive side of booking theme park entertainers is that it allows you to bring a little bit of the theme park magic to your convention guests. The drawback is that you will be paying a premium for entertainment that your guests could often see for free while visiting the parks.

The stress-free way to hire an entertainer is to go through an entertainment company who specializes in corporate entertainers. Corporate Funny Entertainment helps companies and associations hire entertainment for Orlando meetings by negotiating the best possible performing fees with their comedians. When you book through Corporate Funny, you can afford to bring national entertainment to your meeting. Their goal is to give you "the most funny for your money".

Corporate Funny makes the selection of a comedy entertainer easy, because they have reviewed hundreds of national acts to bring you the top six for corporate audiences. These acts have been selected based on having a clean comedy show appropriate for corporate audiences, flawless references, professionalism, and the total entertainment value of their performance.

For Orlando meetings, Brandy Swardson, the booking manager for Corporate Funny, recommends comedy magician, Chris Linn, who has an act that is fresh, exciting, and unlike any magic or comedy show audiences have ever seen. Chris was named best comedy variety entertainer by the 2008 Best of Corporate Entertainers and Speakers awards.

The Psychology of Entertainment

On the private and public forms of entertainment and the psychological mechanisms in entertainment

Entertainment has many dimensions and could be personal/private or more general and public forms of entertainment. When we play with our mates that is a personal form of entertainment and when we sit and watch a movie on the screen that is a more general form of entertainment as we are sharing the experience with many others. There are some differences in our perception of private and public forms of entertainment as personal entertainment will always be based on personal experiences, our personal worldview and will be determined by personal interactions.

The more general and public forms of entertainment are less interactive and there seems to be this basic contradiction as all personal forms of entertainment are more interactive and public forms of entertainment are more personal and private. This scenario has been changing with television programs increasing audience participation in the program however interaction patterns between entertainers and viewers in any public entertainment scenario remain within strict limits and boundaries.

Entertainment takes us to a different world and feeds our need for fantasy and an escape from real life. This is especially true for entertainment that is more public or provided by the media and entertainment provided by films, theatre, music, and all forms of creative art. Films and theatre transposes us to a world of fantasy and grabs our attention so we remain engrossed as almost a part of this alternative reality. Entertainment could also be in the form of magazine stories and gossip or even celebrity culture and the psychology of entertainment could also explain the extreme craze of celebrity culture that we have in the modern world.

Celebrities seem to open up a world of fantasies and for some people knowing every move of celebrities could bring immense satisfaction as it would almost mean participating in fantasies. Fantasies help in overcoming frustrations and serve as therapeutic as they aid in the escape from realities of life. Real emotions and real life are stressful and entertainment helps us to move beyond real life and moments of stress to participate in fantasies that are soothing as we do not have to be directly involved in these fantasies and yet as spectators we can still participate in a tacit or passive manner.

Participation in any book, film or creative art is almost like sitting on a reclining chair that has the technology to soothe your muscles while you relax. In the case of entertainment we participate almost in a passive manner and although we may be very alert and awake in the process of watching a movie, entertainment gives us the illusion of non participation as we don't have the opportunity to get voluntarily involved in the scenario. Anything that gives us some form of pleasure could be considered as entertainment although entertainment could also give us pain as when we cry when we get emotionally involved with characters while we watch a movie.

Entertainment could trigger emotional involvement and emotional reactions such as happiness, sorrow, anxiety, fear and despite these strong emotional participation, there is little or no physical activity necessary on the part of the viewer. This active-passive process is the main attraction of entertainment as entertainment enables us to be both active (in terms of emotion) and passive (in terms of physical or voluntary mental involvement). Entertainment means like films are influential yet they influence subtly rather than aggressively and this subtle influence seems to work better on the human mind than any aggressive forms of influence. We see work as duty and entertainment as pleasure although both involve some form of emotional involvement. Work at the same time requires voluntary participation, decision making and physical involvement along with emotional involvement.

Yet why is work perceived as something heavy and entertainment as methods of relaxation? The answer is unpredictability. In case of entertainment, in most cases we may not even know what to expect from a movie or a music video. This unpredictability triggers our interest as we are unable to predict what emotional states would be evoked during this mental adventure. Entertainment is usually a form of mental and emotional adventure. In cases where we do know what a movie is about, it is the feeling of emotional familiarity that drives us to experience what we already know. Suppose a video game gave us a pleasurable feeling or evoked aggression and competitiveness in us, we go back to feel the same emotion as it was pleasurable or exciting. Stretched too far these forms of entertainment could easily become addictive.

Coming back to the distinction of work and entertainment or play, work involves responsibility and despite the emotional involvement in entertainment, apart from being a passive participant, we do not have to be responsible for anything, there is no problem solving or decision making and that is how entertainment in all its form is so pleasurable as the right brain activities of decision making and the cortical regions of the brain are not activated completely yet the pleasure sensations and emotions such as the hypothalamus and left brain activities are usually activated so we tend to associated entertainment with emotions rather than problem solving and decision making.

We humans are rational beings and yet emotions still seem to rule our lives and form the core of our existence as emotions still draw us to do things that may be irrational. Entertainment being primarily emotion provoking rather than reason provoking has a major impact on people's lives. Appreciating any forms of entertainment could switch from the stages of interest to emotional involvement and finally addiction. The celebrity culture is a direct result of the last stages of appreciation for entertainment.

An interest in celebrities comes from emotional involvement with characters in movies and there may be substantial lack of differentiating fantasy and reality so fans of celebrities are more in love with the characters these celebrities play or the traits they project rather than the personality of celebrities. The celebrity culture seems to take people to a persistent fantasy world and individuals are seen as discussing all aspects of celebrities from their shoes to their hairstyle to the cars they possess. This sort of culture could however be explained with individual need to escape reality and identify with someone in a fantasy world and would be an important element in the study of fantasy.

The study of entertainment brings out many psychological aspects of active-passive participation in emotional or mental adventure and these could be

1. Identification - Viewers often identify with characters in movies or figures in art and this strong identification helps explain the value of entertainment. Young children have seen to imitate film stars as they begin identifying with movie characters.

2. Fantasy - Entertainment feeds on the need for fantasy in people and provides an escape route from the real world. Addiction to entertainment could be the basis of reality anxiety in people.

3. Projection - Individuals tend to project their own emotions or state of mind on to a painting or a song and could derive pleasure from this

4. Regression - Entertainment could often remind individuals of their past or a part of their own life they may have forgotten and in some cases bring out the child in them. For example when older people enjoy video games, it brings back their childhood and they may become addicted to this sort of entertainment.

5. Sublimation - Entertainment is also a form of sublimation of our impulsive desires and this especially true when we participate in entertainment as in the interpretation of art

6. Displacement - In non participative and passive forms of entertainment, individuals tend to escape from reality and displace their emotions from real people to characters in movies. For example a teenager in love with a girl whom he cannot attain may fall in love with a character of a movie who may have similarities with his dream girl.

All of the above processes are ego defense mechanisms delineated by Freud and the interplay of so many defense mechanisms in entertainment suggest that entertainment is more than simply a source of pleasure and could trigger complex psychological processes in the human mind. More research would be required in this field of psychology for a complete understanding of the advantages or disadvantages of entertainment in modern society.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Real Estate- Blessing to the Economy

Real Estate is a real blessing to the economic growth of any country. It contributes about 30% to Indian GDP both directly and directly. The last five years has shown a great rise in the real estate business. Real Estate in places like Chandigarh, panchkula, mohali has shown a tremendous growth. Real estate has a direct linkage to various other industries like steel, wood, cement etc.The growth in real estate means a simultaneous growth in all these above mentioned sectors which leads to the complete growth of the community which extends to the country as a whole. Real estate also has indirect influence on the other very important sectors like travel and tourism, infrastructure, trade and heritage of that area. Today big companies like wipro, infosys, IBM etc are expanding their business round the globe and the favorite destination these days in India is chandiagrh, mohali, panchkula in north India.

According to the tenth five year plan, there is a gap of 30 million units between the demand and supply of housing which is quite a big gap and bridging this gap requires the investment of around 1,75,000 crore.There is huge dwelling requirement in urban as well as rural areas. It is estimated 19 million homes are required in urban areas in India. No doubt there is boom in real estate but the supply is still not meeting the demand. Various reforms need to be done in real estate business like there is a huge need in changing the regulations relating to land, validation, property taxes, validation of stamp duty structure etc.The real estate industry needs to be made a little disciplined. The environment needs to be created to establish real estate a good investment option. Government is taking steps to reform the industry but still needs a lot to be done. Government has shown its remarkable contribution by reducing home loan to almost half in the past five years.

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Choosing Wedding Entertainment For Your Reception

So you've just got engaged! It's now time for the excitement to begin. You've got a wedding to plan! At this point you've probably got a lot of questions running through your mind. Where do you begin? What questions should I ask vendors? Where am I going to get the money? Wait, how much money are we talking about? On the contrary to what most couples believe, wedding planning can actually be fun. With proper planning and allocated time to complete it you can create your truly unique and exciting Chicago Wedding reception.

When it comes to the entertainment portion of your reception this should be treated with care as with all your other very important wedding details. The entertainment seems to be one of, if not the most important components to a reception. Sure, the food, decorations, and socialization are very important but without entertainment, these events would take on an entirely different personality.

For affairs that are focuses around the entertainment, or at least ones where it is responsible for a major role in the success or failure of the event, some serious considerations must be taken when hiring the right entertainment.

Will you find the right entertainment by hiring the one that answers the phone first or the one that has the lowest price or would you select one just because they live in your hometown? These are actually several things you should consider before selecting your entertainer:

1. Is the entertainer experienced in providing services for your event type? This question can't just be answered in a yes or no question either. You'll want someone who knows the ropes. How much experience do you want your entertainer to have? Consider getting a list of references from previous clients.
2. Who will actually be the entertainer at your event? Often times with larger multi-operational companies you won't actually know who your entertainer is until that night. Is this something you're willing to accept? Always ask this question when shopping for entertainment and make sure it's laid out clear and concise in your contract.
3. What type of equipment do you deserve to have at your event? Imagine not being able to understand announcements or even worse hearing a hiss or buzz during your event. Imagine having part of your beautifully decorated event contain an eyesore of wires and beat up equipment. Another important face is just because an entertainer charges top dollar doesn't always mean they'll bring top dollar equipment to your event. Getting a picture of their setup is a must!
4. What additional services are included other than just playing music? Will you need a master of ceremonies (emcee) at your event, a coordinator, or even someone to interact and participate with your crowd? Is your entertainer willing to step up to the plate and deliver those services? These can be important things to ask before your event. You'd hate to hire an entertainer who can't entertain.
5. Is your entertainer and elegant public speaker? Do they speak in complete sentences without stuttering and using um and uh? Public speaking is said to be one of the number one fears in the United States. If someone isn't good at speaking in person odds are they won't be able to speak in front of your crowd. This is a very important aspect of the entertainer can be over looked.
6. Is backup equipment provided and immediately available? As you know all electronics are man-made and with all man-made products they can fail. So it's important that your entertainer have not only backup equipment but also a backup plan. Ask your entertainer for their backup plan.
7. What happens if the entertainer is ill or otherwise cannot attend your event? These details should be laid out in a written contract form with EVERY service provider. Always lay these things out prior to your event to prevent any situations later on.
8. Is your entertainer insured? Every legitimate business has insurance. This may not seem important upfront, but heaven forbid something were to happen at your event. Are you willing to hire an entertainer without it? Ask your entertainer for his proof of property AND liability insurance.
9. Are there any hidden additional charges or expected necessities from your entertainer? For example, are you required to pay a service charge for stairs at the reception hall? Or are you required to pay for their dinner? Will they need to take smoke breaks? If you're entertainer doesn't cover these issues in their sales pitch perhaps you should ask them.
10. How much input will you be able to give on your music selection? This can also be a very important question when you're shopping for entertainment. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to music. Will your entertainer be able to cater to those tastes or will they stick to their own routine. Also does your entertainer offer online music planning?

With so much riding on the success of your event your entertainment should never be over looked. There should be several factors that come into play rather than just price when shopping for your wedding entertainment. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions as the entertainment will have a direct impact on the entire success of your reception.

Margaret River Hotels And Resorts

If you are looking for Margaret River hotels and resorts, then it is important that you keep your needs and budget in mind. This stunning region offers a massive variety of accommodation options ranging from backpackers and bed and breakfast inns to cheap motels and five star resorts. In order to enjoy your perfect holiday, finding the right accommodation can be the difference between a fun filled experience and a disaster. So, make sure that you do a bit of research and planning before making the decision to choose a hotel or resort.

If you are traveling with children, you should search for Margaret River hotels and resorts that offer fun activities for children such as pool, playground and children's club so that the parents can relax. You also need to check out the location of your accommodation to ensure it is close to shopping or beaches etc, since walking around with kids can make you tired and add up to the costs of transportation.

Nowadays, you can find Margaret River hotels and resorts offering complimentary inclusions. Though it makes sense to choose an all-inclusive accommodation offering everything at your doorsteps, you should avoid staying inside all the time as there is excellent shopping and dining in the town center. Go out and discover what makes this region so special!

Here is an overview of what you can choose from:

The Margaret River Hotel
Margaret River Resort
Margarets Beach Resort (500 meters from the beach)
Grange on Farelley

Before booking a hotel or resort, make sure you have searched, checked, and read its reviews to find out what the travelers who have stayed there think about it. Nowadays, it is easy to find information on online. But make sure that you are using the right source to get the required information. The internet has also made it easy to find some excellent packages and deals.

If you are visiting the South West during the high season that includes long weekends, public holidays, school vacations and special events, then it would be wiser or it would makes perfect sense to book your accommodation as early as possible because the region is very popular during that time. If, on the other hand, you are traveling during the low season, May to October it is possible to wait until the last minute before making your booking, but you are taking a risk. In any event enjoy your time in the South West of Western Australia.

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Hotels and Resorts on Goa Beaches

Goa, brilliantly known as the 'Pearl of Orient' holds a famous folklore behind it. This young state of India was established by the great God Parashurama who shot an arrow from the popular Sayadhri hills into the sea and ordered the ocean to extract to the point where it dropped- therefore was formed the phenomenal terrain of Goa- a precious heritage for imminent residents. Besides, it complements your trip by presenting its exceptional hospitality, luscious culinary delights, and superb cultural extravaganza which are the indispensable parts of hotels and resorts of Goa beaches.

Furthermore, it is indeed Goa's luck that its age-old attractiveness and quaint charm depicted in its baronial monuments, appealing churches, valued holy places, etc. never stop to beguile the worldwide holidaymakers and thus compel them to fall in love with the state there and then.

Hotels and Resorts in Goa Beaches bestow a first-rate experience to you during your stay. They are just what the doctor ordered destinations to take benefits from their pleasant and comfy climate. Goa beaches hotels and resorts vary from budget hotels to 5 star hotels and from beach huts to resorts. For instance Hotel Cidade De Goa, Hotel Ramada Caravela Beach Resort, Hotel Holiday Inn Resort Goa, etc. are stocked with hottest amenities to give you lingering jiffies. They are the dream locations for fortune-hunters which offer wonderful recreational activities in form of golf, water sports, ayurveda and thus serve the purpose for peace-hunting tourists.

Besides, some plush Goa hotels and resorts such as Hotels in Anjuma Beach present a trouble-free entrance to the Wednesday Flea Market which is an enthralling shopping arcade and above and beyond, a dramatic sight of the Arabian Sea. Entire Goa beaches give an exotic ambiance with unblemished environs together with top-notch services such as satellite television, tea coffee maker, internet access on request, refrigerated private bar, central A/C with individual control, 24 hour room service, and for that reason fully cater to the needs and wants of the hotel guests.

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How You Can Save on Hotels and Resorts

Traveling is one of the world's favorite pastimes. Even if you must travel or business, there is still something to be said for a new destination for a few days. If you are searching for ways that you can save on hotel and resorts, there are some ways you can do it.

One of the most expensive costs associated with traveling is lodging. Hotels and resorts can be expensive but if you follow the tips listed below, you will be able to save significantly on your night's stay.

Join the Hotel's "Fan Club"

Many of today's nicer hotels offer customers a chance to join a "gold club" or a "preferred customer" club. Think of it as airline miles for hotels. The more you stay with them, the more you save on each stay. After you meet their requirements, you may qualify for free nights or upgrades. Most of these clubs are free to join and the benefits can save you a lot of money over time. Make sure you understand all of the restrictions that apply to the free stays or bonuses in order to avoid any problems.

Look for All-Inclusive Deals

Many hotels are now including perks for their regular clients. You will find such bonuses as free breakfast, free drinks, free Wi-Fi access, and even free in room movies. For those that travel with family member, this can result in significant savings in terms of food and entertainment. Several of the major hotel chains are now including a laundry list of free services to help attract customers.

Reserve Online

One of the best ways to get a great deal on hotels and resorts is to reserve your stay online. Many hotels offer their best rates for those that make their reservations online. Not only does it cost of personnel needed to run man the phones, it also is much more convenient for their guests.

When you're looking for great deals on hotels and resorts, make sure you look for online discount codes you can use when you make the reservations. Hotels such as Sheraton offer you a second night at 50% off. Hotels.com has online coupon codes that give you $100 cash back when you stay the required number of nights. Use coupon codes to find the best deals for your next vacation. It's easy and the savings can really add up. Make sure, however, that any coupon code you use is not expired. You can choose whichever code will save you the most money.

Save on Hotels & Enjoy your Stay!

There are several ways you can save on hotels and resorts. Join the preferred customer club at the hotels and resorts you stay at frequently. Make your reservations online and use coupon codes to find the best deals. You can also find all-inclusive hotels and resorts, which can significantly reduce the costs of the trip altogether. By spending just a few moments doing some research, you can quickly keep your cash for more important things, such as sightseeing!

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Making Money in Real Estate by Flipping Homes

Flipping homes and real estate property is one of the best businesses you can do to make good money. This is the way by which you can make enough money in very less time. as you know there is huge demand of property and homes for the increasing population, this is the best business you can do these days. But wait there are many of the risks also involved for you, if you do not have enough idea about the business.

Real estate dealing and flipping homes is a business which require lots of skills and tactics, without which you can even burn your hands. There are people who can scam you out if you do not have much idea about dealing in this business.

It is therefore necessary that you get full knowledge about the strategies that are involved in real estate deals. You should get the information about the investment strategy and investment management programs that can effectively help you out in understanding each and every aspect of investing and getting success in real estate business.

Also there are many of the managing agent and brokers who can help you in starting with real estate investment. If you think that the paper work involved in the deal or the legal documents of the real estate business are highly complex for you to understand you should take the help of these brokers. They help you in understanding all the things easily and help in getting the best and profitable deal.

Flipping homes can bring you huge profits in long run if done correctly. There are people who are indulged in this full time business and are making good profits. You can buy cheap and old houses for low prices and after refurnishing them you can sell them at higher rates.

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Luxury Hotels and Resorts and Where To Find Them

We all like to be pampered now and again, but your holidays are the only time where you can properly relax and unwind from the busy stresses of everyday life - so make sure you plan it right!

There is an abundance of Luxury Hotels all over the world but many aren't too family-friendly. Trying to get that balance between taking advantage of all the benefits of a luxury resort, yet having the privacy of your own luxury villa can be hard to get right - but there are options out there. Luxury Resorts in the Far East are a perfect option for those seeking a villa-style holiday, as most of their hotels are luxury villa properties where you can have the privacy of your own villa but at the same time feel part of the hotel too.

Family-friendly luxury hotel Soneva Kiri, part of the Six Senses Group, is an ideal retreat for those families looking for the ultimate escape where every family member is catered for. Set on its own lush tropical island just off the east coast of Thailand, Soneva Kiri offers its guests unparralled levels of excellence. With 29 oversized pool villas, which are set along the stunning beachfront or hillside, each one has an exceptional view out to sea. With 3 restaurants, spa, swimming pool, motorised and non-motorised watersports, tennis and fitness centre there is lots on offer; and for those younger ones, there's a revolutionary childrens club, The Den, which hangs over the forest canopy, with professional supervision giving an opportunity of relaxation for parents!

However, you don't have to go that far a-field to enjoy a luxury villa holiday. The Mediterranean is easy to get to (especially good for families) and generally the weather is very fine throughout the summer months. If you opt for a villa with childcare, a chef and a host included, you're well into the realms of Luxury Holiday. And as for Luxury Resorts, these too can be found in France - Moliets is a Luxury Resort with plenty of sporting activities and watersports on offer, as well as great food and lovely scenery.

Kuoni, Only Exclusive Travel and Scott Dunn, are all luxury tour operators specialising in Luxury Hotels and Luxury Villa Holidays. There are some great offers for Soneva Kiri, one of them being stay 7 nights but pay 5. Another travel company who offer Luxury Resorts and Luxury Hotels is Tripadvisor, the ideal website where you can read reviews by other holiday goers.

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What Is MS Access?

It has several components including:

• Tables
• Queries
• Forms
• Reports
• Macros
• Modules

What is MS Access used for?

It is primarily used to store large amounts of data and make it easily accessible by way of sorting, filtering and totalling using queries. The information can then be presented to the user by way of forms (for modification) and reports (for viewing and printing).

How sophisticated is MS Access?

It has often been touted as the database system for departmental solutions. The nature of MS Access means that it is quick and easy to store, organise and retrieve data and therefore suited to a departmental environment. However, due to the changes made in versions 2007 and 2010, It is now starting to punch its weight as a serious database solution with increased storage and seamless ODBC connectivity.

Where does VBA fit in?

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the language that underpins MS Access. It has been developed for the entire Microsoft Office suite but is most prevalent in Access and Excel. It used for automation within an application but doesn't actually have to be learnt to create excellent quality projects.

Versions of Access

The first version was released in 1992. It was called Access 1.0. since then multiple versions of Access have been released. Here are the most notable ones:

• Access 97
• Access 2000
• Access 2003
• Access 2007
• Access 2010

The original file type was in the .mdb format. This was changed to the Accdb format in Access 2007 so that more complex data could be handled. Access 2007 was also the first time that the ribbon was introduced into Access and tables could be stored in Sharepoint.

In 2010 Access acquired the ability to operate as a web application by way of being stored as a project in Sharepoint. This concept is known as Access Services and means that one database can actually support a client based file and a web based file.


Using ODBC Access can seamlessly connect to a multitude of documents from Excel files all the way through to basic text files. Access can also link to other Access tables and databases thus ensuring the size of an Access database can be increased by using an archiving system.

To summarise

Access is a brilliant departmental solution with ever increasing data handling capabilities. It is easy to learn and at the forefront of these modern web-application times we live in.

Seafood Distribution Software and How It Can Help Your Business

Expert Author Jeffrey Ferris

The seafood industry is definitely for early risers, as there is much work to get done in order to prepare for the day. The fishermen are out during the early morning hours trying to catch as much as they can to sell at the daily fish market, the distributors and buyers are at the docks waiting for the boats to arrive with their catch, and the restaurant and grocery store workers or owners are trying to purchase what they need in order to serve their customers. At least that's how the industry works for some... Having the proper seafood distribution software can really help your business thrive while reducing man-hours!

Of course there are many chefs who like to personally pick out and inspect their seafood items before buying, but there are also many who would prefer to simply log into their computer, view the item online, and purchase it that way! Once a customer becomes established with a distributor, they tend to know the quality of their customer service and delivered food items. If they are satisfied, then they are more apt to order online since it is more convenient for them and they have a good rapport with the distributor.

A quality seafood distribution software system can help reduce a company's customer service expenses by not needing to hire a huge phone support department that can handle customer orders all day long. Employees add a big expense to any business, especially with having to provide benefits, vacation days, holidays, and other common perks. The internet is king today, and the company who does not have a strong presence online with a superb ordering system is at a great disadvantage.

For the average buyer, being able to go to a seafood distributor's website at 2:00 a.m., view selections, and choose products to purchase is a huge benefit! Being able to work when they want to work, instead of only the hours that customer ordering support is offered, can bring relief and a sense of personal freedom. They can also take their time in selecting just the right products that they might need, and can also visually verify the order before submitting it to the company.

Customer service and ordering are just two areas that a good seafood distribution software system can tackle for a company, but they are not the only two. There are many accounting and inventory functions that it can handle that involve repetitive and detailed work, and require a great deal of accuracy. No one wants to get afoul of the IRS or other government agency because of a simple miscalculation or other error!

There are many companies still in this industry that do things by hand and work very much without a net... They keep life very low tech, and try not to involve themselves with computers and software. However, the company that wants to grow and expand their customer base will definitely be in the forefront when it comes to finding and working with a seafood distribution software system! Doing the right research and making sure the software does everything needed and does not include functions that are not needed is a good start for a company just beginning to search available options.

Music for Corporate Entertainment

For many years I have supplied music for and played in bands that provide music for corporate entertainment. Clients have included Audi, The Evening Standard, Sainsburys, P.C. World, Safeways, Large corporate clients at Henley and Ascot, I.T.V. and H.M. Treasury. Because of this experience I felt it would be relevant in putting down some pointers in helping clients choose the right kind of music for their particular corporate entertainment.

Interestingly enough, most corporate hospitality entertainment work tends to require music as an ingredient to a larger recipe. What I mean by this is a great deal of corporate events are offering a multi service package. Typically an organization may be putting on an evenings entertainment to thank its workforce for a particularly successful year. They may be offering music, food, comedy, a close up magician, a casino and a caricaturist. The corporate client organizing needs to decide what part the music has to play in the days/evenings entertainment.

Questions he or she needs to ask are:

Is the music specifically for entertainment or is the music for background listening?

Do we need one style of music early on in the proceedings and then a change of style later in the days/ evenings entertainment?

Do you expect the corporate clients to be networking and discussing business or are they just there for a good time?

What overall atmosphere do you want to project with the event?

Is there going to be a change of location for the music as the entertainment event unfolds?

Different styles of music bands lend themselves to different corporate hospitality situations. Below are a number of typical corporate hospitality events with music suggestions for suitable music entertainment.

Corporate entertainment model 1.

Evening reception with dinner and speeches.

In a situation such as this you will typically need music from the outset as part of the meet and greet of the corporate evening. A four-piece swing or Latin group is ideal with a larger ensemble for particularly large gatherings. A professional outfit can pitch the music at just the right decibel level so your guests can talk and enjoy the entertainment without it encroaching on conversations. The musicians would typically be dressed in Lounge Suits or Tuxedos (or the female equivalent) to mirror what the guests are wearing themselves. The music portrays an atmosphere of sophistication, which again hopefully reflects the evenings overall ambience.

It is rare for corporate clients to want to dance especially as clients there relationship is business not pleasure! In most cases it is more important that the band is flexible in when it is needed over the course of the evening i.e. At the top of the night for the reception, a smaller version of the band (The pianist maybe for the dinner), stopping for speeches and then after the speeches to play until other entertainment is put on for the corporate clients. In this situation give the band a clear idea of how you expect the evening to go. What to wear, when they will be needed, when they need to get their instruments in the building and be set up, when breaks will be required, let them know if it is convenient or not to feed them and then finally how they can leave when finished so as not to disrupt the rest of the entertainment.

Corporate entertainment model 2.

Company Party.

Still corporate entertainment, still corporate hospitality but a totally different set of requirements for the music. Ask yourself these questions: Are your work force the type of workforce who will want to dance at some point in the proceedings? If they are, then a professional band with flexibility is essential. My experience is that people of all ages will join together to dance to music from the sixties and seventies. Whatever background music you require earlier in the day/evening be it Latin, Swing, Rat Pack or Lounge, if you are hoping to provide entertainment that will get people dancing remember this fact. Sixties and Seventies. For some inexplicable reason this is the music that gets people up on their feet.

When choosing your music ask the band if they can cover this part of the corporate entertainment requirement. Get samples of their music if need be. There is nothing worse than an ill equipped band struggling through alien repertoire. However good the band is, if they do not play the right repertoire, the right style of music then the corporate entertainment will fall on deaf ears.

Let me at this point provide a caveat. Your workforce work together They are not always going to be the best of friends however professional their relationships are at work. Answer truthfully, will they really want to dance together or is it asking too much? I would say that in all the years of providing music for this kind of corporate entertainment / hospitality , as long as the music is right, the workforce tended to dance 30 or 40% of the time. It could be said that a workforce who will enjoy each others company in this way is a reflection on the talent of senior management to create a happy team!

Corporate entertainment model 3.

Company Fun Day.

These come in two types. The type to entertain your own workforce or the type to entertain prospective clients. Both types of corporate entertainment require music that is fun. This means that the music must be perceived as fun and the band must be perceived as fun. In both cases Jolly Dixieland Jazz or the summer sounds of Latin music are most suitable.

Ask yourself these questions: does the band need to be mobile? Meaning do you want the music to move around the site at various points in the proceedings? If so then the jolly jazz route is most suitable. A good professional outfit of four or five players can play acoustically and move around a site as directed.

If the band can be static and close to electrical power then either Jolly Jazz or Latin Music is suitable.

Is the event outdoors or indoors and do you have provision for bad weather? This is England, never trust to luck, assume the worst! Any band that needs power cannot play in the rain for health and safety reasons. At the first hint of inclement weather a band will have to breakdown their equipment. Build this situation into your corporate entertainment music decisions.

How do you want the band to dress? It is a fun day after all! In the past I and my musicians have dressed as Elvis, Cavemen, Circus Clowns, in fact all manner of characters in the name of corporate entertainment and corporate hospitality. Good bands will have suitable outfits for most situations but don`t hesitate in providing something off the wall for a special event. Most professional players have a strange urge to jump into such costumes at the earliest possibility! As someone who has played at a nudist camp and for a toga party, both dressed accordingly, take my word for it!

To draw this article together let me say this. Choose the right kind of music for the event. Brief the band accordingly but make sure you have a professional and flexible outfit, things can change over the course of the event and you want to make sure the band are both co-operative and able to fulfill your needs. Don`t hesitate to ask the band for any special requirements you have. Do it in plenty of time so they have time to prepare.

The corporate entertainment and hospitality you offer to your guests reflects directly onto your company. The music and musicians must be the type who are aware of this. Dont go for second best just to save a small amount of money. You need a well prepared, well dressed band who are both polite and charming to your guests. They need to play the right kind of music for the event in order to help make the day or evenings corporate entertainment a resounding success!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Start Your Own Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business

Real estate is nothing but a home based venture which can be initially started even with a small amount of capital. The basics of this business can be developed by giving some serious stress on the highlighted points discussed here. You can get started just keeping in mind the minimum necessities which it demands and proceed towards growing your own real estate empire. This is the only business which can even make an ordinary person turn prosperous in no time.
You should give this business some time to prosper as having a property in a well to do location means there is enough chances that in near future the value of the possession will go up, offering you few times more than you had actually invested.

Getting Started
These are the simple steps that you can follow in order to start your real estate business.

• Be a landlord yourself
There are many people who prefer to purchase small housing properties that include family residences, duplexes, triplexes and other similar assets normally on rent. But in most of the cases they cling on to their real estate property to generate maximum possible wealth.

• Turning over the properties
This is great way to earn some quick profit as an investor. You can turn over the possession of a real estate property wherein it can be restricted under a contract or relocate your monetary attention to someone else in return of a good sum of money and finally resell the property to get the maximum out of the asset. This process is effective in terms of earning quick money but to get more out of it, you need to cling on to the property for a longer period of time.

• Rehabbing the possession of the property
It is always wise to purchase any assets below the market price in order to secure the property which could be resold at a rightful cost later when the value of the property attains its maximum value.

Building the business
The most important in a real estate business is of computation which includes criteria's like income and operating expense of the firm. The operating cost is in fact the aggregate revenue earned by the company prior to the deductions of taxes and expenses. A sound and well executed business strategy will assist the real estate business to maintain a steady sense of balance between the profits and expenses incurred by the business.

While you create a real estate business plan, you need to ensure the following things

• The arrangement should include respective strategies on the effective ways to earn profits, to adjust with the market ups and down and face the tremendous market competition.
• You should not miss out on any of the related expenses or dynamic business movement.
• Your plan should maintain its prime focus on the different business behaviors that are really important to get to the expected revenue target.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Basic Information on Property Management Software

Property management software provides various applications and assistance so that those in charge of facility management to keep track of tenant services, lease paperwork and documentation, designing and implementing project planning and quality standards, are able to create more effective, streamlined, operations that will enhance the day to day running of the property. Other tool that the software may include is online file management, tenant screening, recurring transaction management, as well as vacancies published online, and more. This software has the ability to make the daily business operations and upkeep of properties run much more smoothly with less chance of misunderstanding or mistakes made in paperwork.

Features of property management software include giving owners the ability to log in and go over property performance and see up to date accounting numbers and all move-in and move out information gathered in one place to keep track of. The software is actually creating a real time picture of the facility for the facility manager or management team. Employees or tenants can go online and fill out a simple form to alert the facility management of a need for service. The facility manager can then determine who they need to put on the job and keep track of all services rendered and in what kind of timely manner the job was completed.

The more property a facility manager or management team has to manage, the more helpful property management software can be in setting up a system to put a schedule of maintenance duties into place. These maintenance jobs can be put on whatever kind of schedule best works for the facilities, including a daily, monthly, or seasonal basis, as with properties that contain pools that must be revitalized every summer for tenet entertainment. With a schedule in place, the work assignments show up daily to staff so that they, too, are better able to perform the requirements of their job and help to keep the properties and associated equipment in excellent condition.

An additional benefit of this type of property management software is the inclusion of an emergency preparedness tool. This is an area that is relatively new, but becoming more important, to facility managers. They are able to use the tool to plan for unexpected disaster type events like violence in the workplace, accidents, and weather disasters like tornado, hurricane, blizzard, or flooding. All the tools and applications of the software combined together create a system that any facility manager looking for a more modern approach to business can take and run with, leading to a better functioning business and more satisfied employees.