Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Criminal Background Checks are usually meant to find high qualified employee candidates. Some companies will surely check every employee’s background to make sure that they only hire the best and potential people. Otherwise, if you have a bad criminal record, you may be not accepted to work at some companies. Knowing that you have had a bad criminal record and you are planning to not repeat the same mistake, you should know some proper ways to be accepted as a successful candidate. Therefore, there are some ways for you dealing with bad criminal records.
The first way is doing as many good deeds as possible. People will easily believe that you are clean if you can show your positive contribution to the society. Instead of talking only and ensuring people that you will change to be a better person, you should be doing actions right away. It can be started from small things. For example, you can be a volunteer in a community service. You should dedicate yourself to be a useful person for others. In addition, you should develop good communication with people around you. If there are still people thinking that you are a bad person, do not take it for granted. You just need to show your good sides and be sincere towards what you are doing.
The second way is being an independent person. Some companies will utilize http://www.sentrylink.com/ to check your criminal records and your background. By that, your bad criminal records will be unveiled right away. If you want to work at a company, you should at least be in the interview process. You can ensure the interviewer that you are an independent person by showing how you make a living from your work or how you help other people to find a new job. However, pursuing a career to be a successful employee is widely open for you having a bad criminal record.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Choose the Right Offshore Programmer for Developing Applications for Android

At one point of time, most technology experts believed that Apple smartphones and tablets would rule the mobile devices market for a long time to come. Today, smartphones and tablets running Android OS sell almost as much as Apple devices. The launch and success of Android OS changed the perception of industry experts, while the popularity of Android-based mobile devices made app development on Android OS a lucrative option for businesses around the world. By developing Android mobile apps for smart devices, businesses can make money, promote their brand, and advertise products & services.

People outsource because outsourcing works

Most entrepreneurs and companies prefer to outsource their mobile app development projects. Apart from the obvious cost advantage (offshore app development helps reduce cost of development by 40-60%), there are many other benefits of outsourcing. Not only do you get access to a large pool of skilled developers, but you also get flexible payments options, and you are freed from the need of maintaining a large IT team and IT infrastructure. In some cases, the time-zone difference also works in your favor - your work gets done while you are sleeping.

Freelancers sites are an attractive but risky proposition

Countries like India, China, Indonesia and Philippines have the reputation of being the best places for outsourcing. There are several web portals that connect you with freelance Android programmers in offshore locations.

You can visit any freelancer site and post the details regarding your project. Eligible (and ineligible) developers will respond to your offer. You must analyze their ratings and read reviews written by their previous employers to assess their suitability for your project. A freelancer with impeccable references will work for low rates and provide superior quality work.

However, it is not easy to find an expert freelancer for Android app development. As there is no transparency in the development process when you outsource to a freelancer, your project may actually be developed by a newbie who is watching an Android development tutorial while working on your app! Even if the freelancer develops a decent app, he may not design it well. If your app development project is critical to the success of your business plans, it may be a smart idea to approach an offshore Android apps development company instead.

Reputed IT firms are a safe bet

There are more than 50,000 IT companies in India. China, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries also have thousands of software development firms. More than half of all these firms will be happy to take your money and develop an Android app for you. But you need to find a company that excels at Android development. The company you choose must have Android app developers who know the ins and out of Android development.

Choosing a reputed offshore Android apps development firm will safeguard your project. You must check out the portfolio of the company and talk to its prior customers. If the company has done good work in the past, it will do good work for you too. Also, sign a clear legal contract with the company detailing all the work that they need to do for you. This will ensure that you do not get saddled with substandard Android apps.

Final step: Interview and assess the developer

Once you choose the company or freelancer that you want to hire for your project, ask him technical questions. In case you do not understand technical matters, get a technical person to interview the developer. The best of IT companies will allow you to interview several potential candidates. Choose the one who excels at Google Android development for customized apps.

Benefits of Seeking a Business Real Estate Agents Help

If you are thinking about investing in commercial property or selling your current business, it's an excellent idea to use the assistance of a professional business real estate agent. Your future income depends on finding the right commercial space, viable business or buyers for your business. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable realtors across New Zealand to assist you whether you are looking for a business real estate agent in Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland or Wellington.
There are many reasons why it's a good idea to employ someone who is knowledgeable in commercial properties. We have listed a few of these reasons for you below.
- Excellent Networks. Commercial realtors often work closely with a wide range of people and keep an ear out all the time for the right sort of opportunities for their buyers. If you are looking to invest in a commercial property, a good business estate agent will have a collection of vendors with whom they can negotiate. Sometimes they'll hear of a new place or opportunity and give you a call before listing a property or offer.
- Undivided Attention. Realtors want repeat business and positive feedback, so they have a vested interest in achieving your end commercial property goals. They take your needs very seriously and are always looking out for the right investment/buyer for you.
- Experience. Like any job that needs to be done, having someone with experience on your side helps a great deal. Whether you are looking for an office space, a retail investment or a residential investment the assistance and advice provided from a business real estate agent is invaluable. They can help you find what you want in terms of the current market, and give you realistic feedback on whether your expectations are in line with current market trends. A business estate agent can also explain all the legal documents to you in plain English.
- Time Savings. Instead of trawling through commercial sales listings in the local paper, online or listed in one of the property press magazines yourself, your realtor will take detailed notes from you about what exactly you are looking for, what budget you are working with and your future plans for the property investment, and search for you. As they find suitable property investments, they will arrange a time with the vendor(s) and take you through them.
Using a business real estate agent in New Zealand is the best way to achieve your commercial property goals.

Min Sarginson Real Estate Limited is an innovative and independently owned market leader in New Zealand's Real Estate industry. Based in Lyttelton Harbour close to Christchurch we specialise in sea and beachfront real estate for sale, and rental properties.
Established in 1998, Min Sarginson has become the most successful real estate company operating in Christchurch Harbour Basin. We have offices in Church Bay and Lyttelton supporting a team of experienced professionals who are all themselves residents in the suburbs we market and knowledgeable of the location.